Our staff are well qualified with international exposure in implementing social development programs. Our staff has traveled worldwide on study tours and for training on project management, community organizing and implementation of social development programs. We have international exposure in preparation of project proposals as well as implementation and monitoring/evaluation programs.

FOOD has with 25 technical and non-technical permanent staff in various disciplines, 300 skilled personnel and 600 women s. 10 of our staff have been trained by JAICA on various social development activities.

While we directly work with the people below the poverty line, we possess high tech infrastructure and capability to meet the requirements to international standards for project management, reporting and evaluation. Our staff possess expertise in providing advisory support to partner organizations and departments in the implementation of projects, perception of operational manual and identifying eligible communities, preparation of training manuals for conducting orientation and training programs through education and communication, implementing programs on turnkey basis, monitoring and evaluation of the program. Our staff is adequately exposed to various programs implemented by DFID, World Bank, UNDP, as well as Governments and NGOs from developing countries.

Loyola Joseph, Executive Director

Is the Founder/Executive Director of Foundation Of Occupational Development (FOOD) and has been involved in all departments of FOOD's projects including planning, project formulation, financial planning, management and monitoring & evaluation. Loyola Joseph has over 25 years experience in applied multi-disciplinary research and consultancy work. He has worked at all levels from Government to NGOs and has extensive regional field experience in India and Asia. His work has covered a range of environmental and social fields together with education, health and development issues.

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Santosh Narayanan, Project Coordinator

Joined FOOD in 1995 to concentrate on the organisation's activities involving the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) for socio-economic development. In addition to specialising in ICTs he possesses multidisciplinary exposure in social development projects such as community-owned enterprise development, micro-credits, etc. His responsibilities include project formulation, training, management of in-house specialists and external consultants, project documentation and monitoring & evaluation.

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R Ragunathan, Coordinator (Water & Sanitation)

Over the past 25 years Ragunathan has been associated several water supply and sanitation schemes for the welfare of the urban poor. He also contributed to the slum development programs converging many programs available in the state. He has also trained women Self Help Groups, Community Development Society members, Elected Representatives, urban managers and Engineers on topics relating to urban poverty alleviation, health and hygiene. He has developed special training programs for sanitary workers employed by the government with focus on safety and hygiene. He is presently doing his doctoral research in Madras University in the field of Sludge and its impact on water and earth surface. He is of the view that such environmental issues need to be addressed in the initial stage itself before they explode out of proportions.

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