Our strategies in networking with government, local, regional, national and international non-profit and research & development organizations in the region and worldwide has evinced interest among other players. Some of our recent projects are outlined below.

Construction of free bus terminal

Foundation Of Occupational Development (FOOD) is currently constructing free bus terminal for municipal corporations. We also propose to construct similar shelters for temples, which can be used by pilgrims as chatrams.

Renovation of bus stand by NGO without any financial commitment from the municipality

Foundation Of Occupational Development (FOOD) has taken up the renovation of a 50-year-old bus stand at Madurai that is used by over 50,000 people every day but has been neglected for several years. The work is being executed with the help of sponsors at an estimated cost of Rs 60 lakhs, without any financial implication to the municipality.

Physical training for aspiring youth

FOOD has taken over the maintenance and running of a swimming pool and gym center at Madurai to provide physical training to aspiring youth who are planning to take up jobs in police, defence and fire services.

Madurai Bus stand maintenance

Foundation Of Occupational Development has taken up the operation and maintenance of the busstand at Madurai. This is FOOD's third venture into operation and maintenance of public infrastructure. The bus stand is being maintained through the bus entry fee collected. The project has provided employment to 100 people who are engaged in maintenance and upkeep of the bus stand. The project is for a period of 3 years and FOOD has been able to make it a sustainable in a short period of time. We have applied for ISO certification as well.